ABM: Pro-tips for Reaching Anonymous and Known Buyers

In today’s world of instant access to information and multiple suppliers, the B2B path to purchase is more complex than ever. Research shows that on average, there are almost 7 stakeholders involved in the purchase decision, each consulting at least 6 sources of information. The hope for marketers is that these unknown stakeholders will indicate their interest in some way or the other. The most common ways in which they may express interest is by completing a form on your website, but interested prospects may email you, call, or connect via a chat program on your website, or even use social media to reach out.

To effectively market to stakeholders and guide them towards your product, you need to be in front of both the unknown and known buyers. It is critical that you begin to learn about your potential client even before they are known to you. The way to do this is by analyzing their digital body language.

Susan Xie, Marketing Associate at Triblio, says “Marketers can’t risk waiting around during these first few months of anonymous research. They need to be proactive about driving brand awareness and educating potential buyers about relevant benefits.” This in turn will lead to more educated leads raising their hands to become known to you.

Once these stakeholders are known, there is more work to be done. By taking advantage of marketing automation tools to associate the unknown data with the known contact, today’s modern marketers can quickly segment known leads to provide personalized and relevant communications. By taking the extra effort to identifying buyers journey stages and developing materials that matter most at each stage of the journey, the pay-off will be worth the effort. When a prospect has expressed an interest and identified themselves, there is an expectation that your marketing efforts will be focused to guide them to make a purchase.

How do modern marketers guide these key stakeholders through the complex B2B purchase journey?

Triblio has developed a practical guide to Account Based Marketing, which contains B2B campaign tips for nurturing stakeholders through their journey from anonymous researchers to known buyers. Triblio has helped companies of all sizes optimize their B2B buyers journeys and move potential buyers through the sales pipeline at the right speed to increase sales and grow revenue. Download your copy of “The Essential Guide to ABM” now to help guide your efforts to success!

The anonymous buyers journey

Did you know that 57% of the purchase journey is anonymous? (source: CEB, now Gartner). Triblio has done extensive research into the anonymous buyers journey using hundreds of thousands of client data points. They found that of those who fill out forms, 45% first hit vendor websites 90+ days prior to form fill, and 67% hit 30+ days prior.

It bears repeating: Marketers can’t risk waiting around during these first few months of anonymous research. They need to be proactive about driving brand awareness and educating potential buyers about relevant benefits.

Pro-tip for reaching the anonymous buyer

Using account-based targeting early in the purchase journey, you can reach both known and unknown visitors in target accounts across the web. The key is to start with a target account list, then group accounts into segments. We recommend aligning these segments with sales for optimal pipeline impact. For example, FinancialForce assigns their top 30 enterprise accounts to specific AEs. The next 70 or so accounts receive heavy SDR outbounding. Then, third tier accounts are grouped into segments of a few hundred.

With Account-based marketing (ABM), marketers can hit each segment with relevant messaging wherever prospects spend time on the web – deliver account-based ads, and capture both view through and click through traffic on your site with the same messaging. Vendors with account ID technology can consolidate first party data, like marketing automation and CRM, with third party firmographics and visitor behavior to group all web visitors into their respective buying centers and accounts. This approach ensures that your site shows the right messaging to the right segments.

The known buyer journey

Once a potential buyer has identified themselves, it is crucial that communication is timely and appropriate to their stage. Providing information to the many roles (and their different priorities and questions) is important for nurturing everyone associated with the account to move towards purchase. Marketing Automation tools like Oracle Eloqua allow today’s savvy marketers to segment contacts and customize the message using dynamic content based on role, title, company size, or any other piece of known information. By leveraging personalization, segmentation, and workflows, you can ensure the right message reaches the right person at the right time.

Pro-tip for communicating with the known buyer

Focus on the accounts that matter – whether that be particular industries, company revenue size, or even specific targeted accounts. Funnel collected data (from forms, progressive profiling, engagement tracking and data matching services) to your Marketing Automation tool to customize your content, images, subject, CTAs and more. This segmented 1-to-1 style marketing is the true power of ABM.

Remember – ABM is a strategy, not a tool or single tactic. The goal is to close those few key high value accounts with less effort, rather than waste time sifting through piles of under qualified leads. This requires a tight alignment between Marketing and Sales to identify key targets and develop archetypes, buyer journey stages, and appropriate content.

Helping guide your prospects through the buyer journey from unknown researcher to known prospect to informed purchaser is more important and more complex than ever. Tegrita and Triblio can help! Download the guide to Account Based Marketing. Let’s discuss how we can help you take your B2B marketing to the next level and help you with your demand generation and nurture strategy.


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