No Email Is An Island

March 10, 2022 Jason Semenek


In recent years, marketers have put a lot of emphasis on webinars, video campaigns, and social media reels. Although these marketing mediums are highly effective and exponentially growing in popularity, they shouldn't distract you from one of the oldest and yet most effective messaging channels — email. Email marketing remains a top digital marketing channel despite predictions of sinking popularity. In fact, email generates $42 for every $1 spent, which is an astounding 4,200% ROI, making it one of the most effective options available.

No Email is An Island: Why You Need An Integrative Email Strategy

You have more than likely heard of the famous quote ‘’no man is an island’’. Written by John Donne, the quote expresses that human beings suffer when isolated from others and need to be part of a community to thrive. So, why are we talking about this - and how does it relate to email marketing? Similar to how humans need to be part of a more extensive ecosystem to survive, email marketing also needs to belong to something bigger than itself - AKA, an integrative marketing strategy. Don’t let email marketing turn into an isolated island within your department. Turn that ship around!

2022: The Perfect Year to Integrate Your Email Marketing Strategy

2022 presents the perfect opportunity to make this happen, as many CMOs are finally getting back lost resources. 2020-2021 was devastating to many marketers from a financial perspective. Due to the pandemic and resulting lockdown, companies lost revenue, slashed budgets, and cut marketing jobs. In 2022, marketing departments are expanding their capabilities with innovative RevTech and extended support from a growing headcount. This presents an incredible opportunity to update your marketing strategy! Build new bridges from email strategy to expand to more technology, updated tactics, and other marketing channels such as social, SMS, display and direct mail.

What is a CMO to do?

Let’s examine some of the common email marketing pitfalls, and look at solutions to remedy them:

Island-ification? As email volume increases and more channels are added to the mix, team members are getting more specialized. Is your department slowly becoming a bunch of isolated islands?Build those bridges! Share content and creative assets between your various communication channels to re-connect your islands. Remember, email is part of the bigger picture.

All data, no action? Do you have data to share, but aren’t sure where to start? Is your email data lost at sea?

Coordinate a rescue! Your MAP collects lots of data, and so do all your other marketing channels. Connecting it all will rescue your drifting data.
Dropping Engagement? Are you seeing your email engagement numbers slip away? Or worse, are your contacts jumping ship?Launch a life raft! Reach out to at risk and unengaged clients on other channels. Maybe they aren’t really lost, and you can bring them back on board via another channel.

Embark On Your Email Marketing Journey Today

It is time to embark on the journey from a stranded email strategy to an integrative marketing channel.
The secret to continued success and growth for email marketing is to think beyond email production and reporting: Email gets even stronger when your marketing strategy is tightly integrated across channels. When you coordinate content, share data, and track the right metrics across all channels, you’ll experience sunny skies and smooth sailing ahead!

Want to hear more innovative ways to use your email data to help other channels? Check out my webinar: Email Is Not an Island: Creating an Omni-Channel Marketing Strategy to help connect the dots between email and everything else.


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Jason Semenek

Jason Semenek is a Sr. Marketing Strategy Lead at Tegrita. His career started in 2000, where he worked to introduce and help integrate Oracle Responsys for a variety of clients. He has worked in a variety of industries as a digital marketing specialist on the consultant and client side. Jason’s knowledge of marketing systems spans a wide variety of automation platforms, CRM systems, SEO/SEM, and more. His broad experience helps Jason help clients with complex strategy discussions and integrated technology implementations.

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