Revenue Rehab: October Recap 2022

November 1, 2022 Tegrita

Last month on the Revenue Rehab podcast couch, talented leaders joined Brandi and shared their perspectives on topics ranging from managing through rough times, event sponsorship, web3 marketing, and sales alignment.

Join us for a quick recap of our recent discussions:

Managing Through Rough Times: How to Lead with Vulnerability and Authenticity

In this episode, Max Stoddard, Chief of Staff at Tegrita, joined Brandi to to discuss how to manage through rough times.

While it may go against the traditional work ‘rulebooks,’ Max encourages leaders to be open with their team. This authenticity in a crisis will communicate itself to your team and “potential customers, existing clients, other businesses, and the world at large”.

“Be as transparent as possible,” Max says. ‘’Whether you’re responsible for those decisions or for carrying out decisions that have been made.’’

Brandi and Max discuss the importance of balancing business objectives with team wellbeing. Max advises to start by acknowledging to your team that the situation or change will affect them. Whether you’ve already been able to create a comfortable environment for staff to communicate concerns or not, when team members speak up, listen. Build on or build out that trust but most importantly, listen.

The one thing you can do today is use an ‘I am feeling’ statement in every meeting. “Bring the whole person to work,” Max says, “because the whole person is what makes [each of] us great.”


Event Sponsorships: Value or Waste

On the Event Sponsorship episode, Elizabeth Irvine, the VP of Marketing for MarketMuse, joined us to discuss the intricacies of Event Sponsorships.

Beyond leads, there is so much more to gain from sponsoring events. Elizabeth emphasizes that defining and aligning with the sponsors’ values before the event starts is key to effective event sponsorship.

Creativity can go a long way to get attendee attention, says Elizabeth, but take the time to partner that excitement and engagement with event value.

The ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) alignment is crucial to determine event sponsorship success, shares Elizabeth. The ICP is about understanding your event goals and determining if, and how, the event attendees support those goals.

The one thing you can do today, Elizabeth recommends, is dig deep on the ICP of an event you are considering sponsorship. Look into the previous attendee list to determine if that event is within your ICP.


Web3: What it Means for B2B Marketers

In this episode, Brandi talked with Hana Jacover the Chief Hype Officer & Coach at Hype House Coaching. Brandi and Hana talk about perspectives, possibilities, the future of Web3, and what it means for B2B marketers.

Hana and Brandi dig into what Web3 means. From the inception of the internet to Web2, Hana walks us through the digital evolution and what it could mean for marketers as we move into Web3. Hana shares how B2B and Web3 environments are becoming increasingly community-driven. Hana and Brandi discuss how this next evolution of the Internet can inform messaging and open up opportunities directly impacting B2B tactics and trends.

NFTs, DAO, Web3, and B2B; so many acronyms, so little time! Hana and Brandi walk through what those acronyms mean, and what they mean to CMOs and Marketers as we transition into Web3.

The One Thing Hana stresses to our listeners is Education! Read and learn more about Web3 so you can start to uncover the opportunities this shift from Web2 can offer to B2B CMOs. Hana recommends starting with the podcast episode The Wonders of Web3 with Chris Dixon, Andreessen Horowitz, and Naval Ravikant. She describes the 2-hour episode as offering important lessons on Web3.


Growth & Scaling: Achieving a Successful Exit as CMO

On Aligning with Sales, Brandi was joined by John Brezinsky, VP of Global Product Marketing for Searchmetrics.

Brandi and John discuss the essence of cultivating better relationships between Marketing and Sales teams. The shared purpose of both departments is an excellent place to start. John goes further to describe how Marketing benefits from viewing Sales as their “first and primary market” and Sales benefits by thinking of the Marketing team as prospects.

Tracking feedback with an eye on shared goals is critical. John emphasizes guiding discussions around mutually beneficial solutions. Pro tip: Boundaries can be productive, but don’t make them too concrete, John cautions, or you could miss out on great ideas and creative solutions.

John and Brandi discuss strategies to extract useful information out of what may seem like bad ideas. Being curious can often lead to successful outcomes if you shift your approach.

The advice John leaves us with is to take inventory. “Start with yourself, take an honest inventory of what you think is working, what isn’t working, and select at least one concrete thing that you commit to change. Then, make it happen!’’


To learn more about our podcast, check out our full episodes on the Revenue Rehab website. And if you have any feedback or stories to share as a guest, reach out to us.

Happy Revenue Rehabbing!


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