Setting The Stage in One Hundred Days

June 7, 2021 Brandi Starr

A CMO’s first 100 days on the job will set the stage for the next year or more. It’s paramount for the CMO to hit the ground running and make smart assessments on three critical assets: people, processes and technology. To a large degree, this will determine what can and cannot be accomplished during the CMO’s tenure.

Do people have the right skills to execute your grand plans? Are the current processes built for speed and agility? Do MarTech capabilities match up? It’s an orchestration of people, processes and technology, and the incoming CMO has to weigh all three equally.

The panel discussion hosted by the CMO Council and Tegrita explored how chief marketers lay the foundation for success. Click here to watch the panel discussion recording to hear from three CMOs from different industries and learn their techniques for assessing what’s working and what isn’t.

Need help to accelerate your continuation as a new head of marketing? Here are some useful resources to get you started: New Head of Marketing Resources.

Also, feel free to talk to us at any time.


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Brandi Starr

Brandi Starr is a true Modern Marketing Maven. She believes marketing magic happens at the intersection of strategy, creativity, and technology. Brandi's 15 year career has spanned a variety of industries and marketing disciplines. Brandi is an Eloqua power user turned consultant with almost 10 years of experience maximizing the power of Eloqua. Her expertise include demand generation and nurture strategy, business process transformation, controlling email frequency, custom security and she is the SME for the Higher Education vertical.

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