Fabl Finds The Content Experience Sweet Spot

June 25, 2020 Jason Semenek

If you are like most modern marketers, your “To-Do” list includes constantly publishing content that is top quality and highly engaging. And until now, there have been 2 very different sets of tools to help produce that content: A highly technical CMS (Content Management System) that is sophisticated enough but very demanding on your team’s resources, or a simple page builder that is quick but can’t scale or provide detailed analytics. If your team didn’t have the time, coders, or budget required to maintain a full CMS, but needed more than a landing page, there was nowhere to turn for help… until now!

Fabl Stories to the rescue!

High impact content experience platform, Fabl, finds the sweet spot! It allows marketers to easily produce, publish, manage, and analyze content. No IT, coding or professional design skills are required. After a short onboarding process, your team is freed up to quickly and efficiently produce highly engaging agency-quality landing pages WITHOUT the agency!

Each Fabl Story is built from a branded landing page template using intuitive yet powerful content editors to speed up the development process. A Story is designed to immerse the reader in the content, encouraging much longer engagement. This is especially valuable if your team produces longer-form content – the reader’s attention is held much longer than traditional landing pages.

Fabl even includes enterprise-level analytics powered by Google for detailed data-driven reports, right down to each element on the landing page!

But, are you wondering if you really need another tool? Let’s dive into ways Fabl Stories can help modern marketers manage the cost, time and technological restrictions of producing high quality content.

Content Management
Fabl makes it easy to collaborate and stay on track with content production. Your team can work on Stories anywhere they can get an internet connection because everything is hosted in the cloud. With the integrated media library, they’ll always have the right images and other assets at their fingertips.

Content Production
Fabl Stories use fully customized landing page templates to ensure proper branding (including custom fonts, color themes and more). Then, quickly embed videos, seamlessly integrate forms (including Oracle Eloqua forms), or even add navigation to your Story! There are 100+ variable controls that allow each article to shine with personality. And don’t worry – responsive design is standard. Think of Fabl as your one-stop-content-creation-shop!

Publishing Content
When the time comes to publish the landing page, take comfort in knowing that all your typical checks and balances will be handled within the platform. Each Fabl Story is built to be SEO-friendly and is socially enabled, making sharing a breeze for your readers. Ready to Go Live? Push your new content “LIVE” with just a few clicks and it will instantly be available to link to from your content distribution channels!

Analyze Your Content
Every modern marketer knows that data and analytics are key to success. Right out of the box, Fabl gives you the tools you need to understand how well your content is performing. Fabl analytics are powered by the industry leader, Google, so you’ll be familiar with the kind of data that is provided automatically. For each Story, you’ll be able to easily track:

  • Total Page Views, Unique Visitors, Bounce Rate
  • Reading Time and Device Info
  • Traffic Sources (Direct, Organic, etc.) and Visits by Location & Language
  • Audio and Video Stats (including % played)
  • Button, Text, Quote and Image activity
  • Top performing Stories & Most Active day

With all this great data at your fingertips, you’ll be able to analyze and report on your content creation efforts with ease.

If all of this freedom is music to your ears, Fabl may be just the answer you’re looking for. And remember… you’ll be able to create amazing data-driven content without help from IT, coders or professional designers. If you’d like to talk more about how Fabl fits into your content production story, contact the experts at Tegrita. We are the only Fabl-approved integration specialists and can help you take control of your content efforts and allow your team to succeed!



About the Author

Jason Semenek

Jason Semenek is a Sr. Marketing Strategy Lead at Tegrita. His career started in 2000, where he worked to introduce and help integrate Oracle Responsys for a variety of clients. He has worked in a variety of industries as a digital marketing specialist on the consultant and client side. Jason’s knowledge of marketing systems spans a wide variety of automation platforms, CRM systems, SEO/SEM, and more. His broad experience helps Jason help clients with complex strategy discussions and integrated technology implementations.

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