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Complex Needs Each staff member voiced precisely what they were looking for to enhance their marke ng automa on. Cheryl Zupec from the College of St. Scholas ca was looking for "a lot of opportuni es to simplify things." University of Texas at Aus n staff member Rachel Swindle explained that her organiza on specifically needed something that would ACCELERATE YOUR ADMISSIONS PIPELINE with Marke ng Automa on allow "people on our team to think about their effort in a more complete way." Finally, Clark Schafer from Newman University stated one of the most common problems with student nurturing: "Everyone did their own thing and would blast out messages to our database way too o en." As a college administrator, you shoulder the par cularly arduous job of a rac ng and retaining a robust student body. You must get the right students in the doors, ensure they matriculate with a quality educa on, care for them once they are alumni, and con nually foster a healthy rela onship with them in order to remain top of mind for dona ons. Tradi onally, these processes have involved opera ng complex, manual, o en inefficient strategies. Admissions staff from three colleges sat down with us to talk about how the marke ng automa on solu on we assisted them in implemen ng is making their jobs easier and more efficient. How Three Eminent Universities Scaled and Accelerated ROI with Marketing Automation Study Case Study | Oracle Eloqua | Higher Education

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