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An elegant solution Each of these colleges independently arrived at a single solu on: Oracle Eloqua. Oracle Eloqua is a marke ng automa on pla orm that can transform your approach to every stage of your rela onship with your students, streamlining the processes and aligning your departments in order to effec vely and efficiently tell the right story at the right me to the right people. Oracle Eloqua can help you maximize prospect campaign efficiency, minimize student dropouts, op mize alumni contacts, and incen vize donors. We asked all three colleges, each of which is at a different stage of Oracle Eloqua u liza on, how they are using it to improve their student rela ons processes. Scalable implementation Newman University's Director of University Rela ons, Clark Schafer, describes his ins tu on's implementa on as "systema c." In the first year of their three-year plan, they focused on prospec ve students, using Oracle Eloqua for recruitment messaging and fostering leads at events. In their second year, they are expanding that in both form and func on: ramping up automa on and beginning to target undergrads as well. In the final year of their implementa on plan, they will bring alumni and donors into the pla orm. The long-term goal at Newman is for Oracle Eloqua to oversee the en re student lifecycle: from "before they know us, to the me they choose us and enroll with us, to the me they come here, to the me they are alumni," Clark said. The university is star ng small, with a weekly or monthly newsle er, then bringing addi onal contact points online as me goes on. "Marketers in Higher Education face unique challenges with recruiting prospective students and engaging them during their admissions journey, as well as fundraising throughout the extended academic community. The Oracle Eloqua Higher Education industry solution is tailored to these challenges and offers a custom data model, pre-built best practice asset templates, and a community space for modern Higher Education marketers to exchange resources. " - Pierre Custeau, VP of Product Management, Oracle Marketing Cloud Colleges are searching for a student relationship management tool that is simple, comprehensive and efficient. Oracle Eloqua implementation can easily be scaled according to the needs, budget, and experience of the university.

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