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Scalable implementation UNIFY COMMUNICATIONS One of the hallmarks of Oracle Eloqua is the ability to mi gate the complexi es of interdepartmental student communica ons coordina on. The College of St. Scholas ca is on the first step of their implementa on, using Oracle Eloqua for prospec ve students. The school also reaches out to people through three other dis nct en es: students through a general email server, alumni through the alumni office, and poten al donors on an individual basis. At Newman, prior to Oracle Eloqua, every department "did their own thing, and would blast out messages to our database way too o en," said Clark. The segmenta on capability built into Oracle Eloqua allows every student - former, current, and future - to be contacted from a single database; this minimizes redundancies, reduces expenses, and eliminates chaos. INCREASE STUDENT RETENTION Oracle Eloqua creates and manages embedded ac vity profiles for every student who interacts with your school, whether they do so by visi ng your website, by receiving an email, or by being manually uploaded to your database. Those comprehensive profiles can be used to deliver specific campaigns and prompt student contacts at precisely the right me. For example, if a student is visi ng a specific webpage to drop a class or withdraw from school, their digital body language can trigger messaging that can dissuade them from doing so. ENHANCE USER SECURITY According to Rachel Swindle of the University of Texas at Aus n, the single best use of Oracle Eloqua - and one that amply demonstrates the core power of the so ware - is Contact Level Security (CLS). CLS ensures that only the right people can access the appropriate contacts. While it is not a feature that many clients u lize, Rachel says that CLS "saved us." Using CLS, the University of Texas at Aus n was able to add a layer of security to their users' data by slicing and dicing their en re contact pool to indicate precisely who could be contacted by whom. YIELD EXCEPTIONAL RESULTS The ability to automa cally send custom messages and content to individual students - and to know when they are listening - is a real compe ve advantage for smaller colleges. Clark Shafer said he feels Newman offers "a unique experience, and to be able to present it with tools like Oracle Eloqua uniquely posi ons us." He explains that although they are a compara vely smaller university rela ons department at a smaller school, they are in the enviable posi on of being able to scale up some of their marke ng methods to match those of larger schools with deeper pockets. Oracle Eloqua's powerful, unparalleled ability to unify communications, increase student retention rates, enhance user security, and enable perfectly targeted messaging can transform your job from onerous to effortless.

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