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St. Louis Blues Win Big Integrating Eloqua with Tegrita

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Solution A er evalua ng the technology other sports organiza ons were using to meet the challenges they were facing, the St. Louis Blues marke ng team opted for an Oracle Eloqua, MS Dynamics and KORE technology combina on as the founda on of their marke ng stack. The implementa on of Oracle Eloqua meant the team could execute on its marke ng automa on ini a ves. The sales team needed drip campaigns to nurture high-quality leads, which was a cri cal component missing in their old pla orm. In addi on, the team can now automate service-based emails to exis ng cket holders on game day, upsell and cross-sell to fans without spending a ton of me on it. Also, automa on can now be used to engage the widest audience with promo onal messages. While the Oracle Eloqua implementa on is a no-brainer, the KORE integra on was also integral to the marke ng team's success. Removing or adding subscribers from lists used to be a grueling process that required manual effort. Now it's a snap. Granular segmenta on with cke ng data and of KORE Ticke ng Groups is also finally a reality. The team can easily send personalized messages based on fan preferences and behaviors. To kick it up a notch, personalized data (seat, row, and sec on numbers) is now being used in the content of an email. Targeting Before implemen ng Oracle Eloqua, the team struggled with a lack of targe ng capabili es. Sports organiza ons need to send out two types of emails regularly that depend on targe ng: service-based and promo onal. In the case of the St. Louis Blues, service-based emails make up about 20% of the team's sends. These are event day emails that include need-to-know informa on. They are also messages for season cket holders such as pre-sale offers or other special promo ons. The remaining 80% of emails the team sends are promo onal messages. These typically go out on a weekly basis to any exis ng prospect on the list and cheerlead for upcoming home games, theme nights, and special events. Some of these promo onal sends are for targeted lists such as the student night event. Using the Ticketmaster free email op on, the team were unable to automate any messaging. For example, if someone clicked an email promo ng season ckets, they were not automa cally entered into a nurture campaign. The team couldn't build lists based on digital behavior, cket purchase behavior, or Ticketmaster live analy cs data. Segmenta on was simply an item on a wish list. With Oracle Eloqua, everything on their wish list became a reality. The St. Louis Blues marketing team agrees the cost of Oracle Eloqua is well worth the benefits it provides. The team now has more time to add strategy back into the game and execute intelligent, behavior-based campaigns.

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