Insights and Actionable Steps for Growing a Revenue-Centric Business in a Radically Evolving World (Whitepaper)

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2 If there's one clear lesson to be learned from the historic events of 2020, it's that change happens. Despite how well we prepare or how much we resist, our world, our perspec ves, our personal situa ons, our industries and markets are all fluid and evolving. And while evolu on rarely comes in the seismic shi of a global pandemic and worldwide economic crisis, it does always come. To move forward and grow, we must adapt to change. Fortunately, this doesn't have to be bad news. In fact, as marke ng leaders, our new, unprecedented reality provides a unique and promising opportunity to pause, reevaluate, pivot, and ul mately drive posi ve growth forward. We are at a cri cal intersec on where history meets the road to do be er. In this guide, I'll share the history that brought us to a disconnected, well-inten oned, but dysfunc onal place and how we can learn from that history to fuel growth now. Looking Back to Move Forward: How Did We Get Here and What Can History Teach Us? The historical view What Can History Teach Us About Future Growth? As we try to rebound from world crisis and look ahead toward future growth, it is important to first pause and look back. What have historically been the financial, cultural, and environmental constraints on business? How have innova ons in technology and new ways of thinking affected how businesses grow? How have changes in government regula ons, global compe on and emerging economic theory impacted corporate structure and fueled or restrained growth? As far back as the mid- to late-1800s, corporate structures emerged as clear vehicles for financial gain. At that me, robber barons, notably Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, Cornelius Vanderbilt, and John D. Rockefeller, seized the opportuni es of the moment to take full advantage of unregulated markets and an unprotected workforce and public. While successful, their With change comes opportunity for those who seize it. But as markets, world events, and public percep ons evolve, growth consistently requires agility, adapta on, and new thinking.

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