Opportunity Closed-Lost: Your Competitor's Content Just Won Them the Deal

Buyers who are in the market for what you sell are actively researching solutions to their pain points or options to fulfill their needs. Although your solution may be a better fit, the company who tells the better story (in an engaging and relevant way) most often wins the business. Because the majority of the buyer's journey happens anonymously, it is marketing's responsibility to control the conversation and tell their organization's story. The challenge for marketers is everyone, including your competitors, knows that content is key. This creates a content tsunami- buyers are bombarded with content from every conceivable direction. So how do you stand out? By focusing on the content experience and not just creating content. Creating a content experience that guides your buyers through their journey tells your organization's story, and not only gets them ready but also excited to talk to your sales team. #Winning.

In this session you will learn how to create a content experience that allows you to attract, convert, and close more business.

  • Attract: Learn how content experience and Uberflip can enhance your inbound marketing efforts to present the right content at the ideal time to engage your audience.
  • Convert: Understand how to create a personalized content experience to support your 1:1 and 1:Few ABM initiatives to convert target accounts to valuable customers.
  • Close: Continue the content experience through sales enablement creating a consistent and relevant experience with your brand through closed-won.

About the Author

Brandi Starr

Brandi Starr is a true Modern Marketing Maven. She believes marketing magic happens at the intersection of strategy, creativity, and technology. Brandi's 15 year career has spanned a variety of industries and marketing disciplines. Brandi is an Eloqua power user turned consultant with almost 10 years of experience maximizing the power of Eloqua. Her expertise include demand generation and nurture strategy, business process transformation, controlling email frequency, custom security and she is the SME for the Higher Education vertical.

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