MarTech as the Revenue Engine: MarTech Podcast

May 12, 2021

Has your company's leadership ever asked your marketing department to do more with less? of course they have. So if you are looking for ways to increase your marketing team's capacity, agility, and speed join Benjamin Shapiro on the MarTech Podcast with Brandi Starr and Mike Geller COO, and President and CTO at Tegrita. In these 5 episodes we will tackle the below topics:  

1.The Martech as the Revenue Engine

2.Strategically Using MarTech Audits

3.Identifying Gaps & Overap in Your MarTech Stack

4.Choosing the Right MarTech Functionality

5.MarTech Implementation, Integration, & Optimization


Listen to all episodes HERE!


Tegrita is a full service technology consulting firm that enables digital marketing strategy with technology to give your team the tools to overcome your most critical barriers. Their team of elite consultants are experienced and innovative marketers that specialize in process evaluation, marketing automation, campaign execution, and of course MarTech setup and integration. Tegrita brings your marketing strategies to live through their experience in marketing automation technology. So if you are ready to do more with less head over to

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