Revenue Rehab: July Recap 2023

August 1, 2023 Tegrita

Take a seat on the Revenue Rehab couch as our host Brandi Starr invites top revenue leaders to unravel the newest trends and hurdles faced by revenue teams. Stay one step ahead and glean insights from our elite guests in this dynamic space. Together, we'll dive into the most compelling topics, industry buzzwords, and uncover key takeaways to elevate your revenue journey. Ready to level up your game? Here is a summary of our recent discussions to get you up to speed:

Filling the Void: Strategies to Overcome the Executive Competency Gap

In this episode, Abi Williams, Chief Revenue Officer at Lead Not Lag, discusses crucial topic to strategies to overcome the executive competency gap. She emphasizes the importance of diversity, self-awareness, and organizational understanding to bridge gaps effectively. Leaders must embrace learning, build diverse teams, and be aware of their organization's processes to succeed.

The Power of Podcasting: Cultivating Brand Love through Authentic Stories

Brandi is joined by Rachel Downey, Founder & CEO of Share Your Genius. Rachel's expertise in B2B marketing, live performance, and large-scale events comes into play as she discusses the misconception about podcast saturation. She emphasizes the importance of focusing on storytelling and capturing authentic narratives to engage audiences effectively. Rachel challenges the notion of broadening the audience at the expense of neglecting the existing niche. She believes that cultivating brand love through podcasting is possible by prioritizing the needs of the audience and facilitating meaningful conversations.

The Ecosystem of Content: A Harmony of Strategy, Vision, and Brand Integrity

Lindsey Hawkins, Founder, and President of Be More Nimble consulting, joins us on the couch to discuss the concept of content ecosystem. Throughout the conversation Lindsey and Brandi cover the entire content lifecycle from ideation to archiving and analysis. Lindsey emphasizes the importance of content governance and the need for a diverse and inclusive council comprising various stakeholders. She also shares that successful implementation may require external expertise initially, but building roles and responsibilities into job descriptions ensures continuity even with staff turnover. Ultimately, Lindsey highlights that fostering a successful content ecosystem requires a cultural shift in how information flows and willingness to adapt to necessary changes.

Content ROI: How B2B Teams Measure & Optimize for Success

Brandi is joined by Steffen Hedebrandt, CMO & Co-Founder of Dreamdata. Steffen's expertise lies in connecting marketing activities with revenue, and he has a successful track record in scaling businesses and teams. In their discussion, they explore using content as a revenue driver in B2B companies, tailoring content for the buyers' journey, and measuring the ROI of content through detailed tracking. Steffen emphasizes the importance of content in building trust and its role in closing sales.

We hope you enjoyed our recent conversations! To learn more about our podcast visit the Revenue Rehab website. And if you have any topics you’d like us to cover, reach out to us. Stay tuned for our upcoming episodes!... Until then, Happy Revenue Rehabbing!


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