TegTalk: Digital Marketing Buzz Words – Are you experiencing FOMO? (Episode 9)

#TegTalks with a Strategist hosted by Jason Semenek and Brandi Starr are conversations and insights for digital marketing leaders, by digital marketing leaders. During these 10- to 20-minute conversations, we discuss (and sometimes debate) the key challenges digital marketers face today.

With the explosion of the Martech landscape, there are tonnes of industry buzz words, acronyms, and new strategies. Are you struggling to keep up? Do you know which of the wide array of technologies out there are important to your organizations? Are you experiencing Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)? In this episode, we tackle how to make sense of all of the marketing technology and how to avoid getting sucked into the “everybody’s doing it” syndrome.

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About the Author

Jason Semenek

Jason Semenek is a Sr. Marketing Strategy Lead at Tegrita. His career started in 2000, where he worked to introduce and help integrate Oracle Responsys for a variety of clients. He has worked in a variety of industries as a digital marketing specialist on the consultant and client side. Jason’s knowledge of marketing systems spans a wide variety of automation platforms, CRM systems, SEO/SEM, and more. His broad experience helps Jason help clients with complex strategy discussions and integrated technology implementations.

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