TegTalk: Ad Retargeting – So Many Companies Are Doing It Wrong (Episode 1)

#TegTalks with a Strategist hosted by Jason Semenek and Brandi Starr are conversations and insights for digital marketing leaders, by digital marketing leaders. During these 10- to 20-minute conversations, we discuss (and sometimes debate) the key challenges digital marketers face today.

Ad retargeting is a key part of the digital marketing strategy for many companies – so why are so many doing it wrong? The key challenges that we see are issues with frequency, absence of conversion tracking, and poor segmentation. During this episode, we cover these frustrations, talk about how ad retargeting works, and how companies can maximize their return on marketing investment (ROMI).

And as a bonus, during the discussion I reference a study I recently came across that said that “retargeting ads are initially useful and helpful, but after seeing the same message more than five times, the chance of conversion goes down drastically.” Johnathan Dane (founder of KlientBoost) shared the findings on the Convince & Convert blog.

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