TegTalk: Opportunities and Obstacles of Remote vs In Office Marketing Teams (Episode 11)

#TegTalks with a Strategist hosted by Jason Semenek and Brandi Starr are conversations and insights for digital marketing leaders, by digital marketing leaders. During these 10- to 20-minute conversations, we discuss (and sometimes debate) the key challenges digital marketers face today.

Many CMOs and marketing leaders are finding it more challenging to find top talent. Historically, marketing required more of a creative thinker who was solely focused on strategy and tactical execution. With marketing automation and the growing martech landscape, marketers now need to be both creative and technical. One way to address this challenge is to broaden the talent search nationally (or internationally) and hire remote employees. So, what’s a savvy CMO to do?

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About the Author

Brandi Starr

Brandi Starr is a true Modern Marketing Maven. She believes marketing magic happens at the intersection of strategy, creativity, and technology. Brandi's 15 year career has spanned a variety of industries and marketing disciplines. Brandi is an Eloqua power user turned consultant with almost 10 years of experience maximizing the power of Eloqua. Her expertise include demand generation and nurture strategy, business process transformation, controlling email frequency, custom security and she is the SME for the Higher Education vertical.

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