How We Failed at Fabl on Our First Try

September 29, 2020 Brandi Starr

Hey there, Brandi Starr here!

We recently launched our partnership with Fabl, a content experience platform, which is designed to enable any marketer with little design background to develop engaging pages. And, in full transparency… we failed at our initial usage of Fabl.

At Tegrita, when we take on a new technology, we bring it in-house and implement it internally first with little to no input from the tech vendor. Our goal is to dive in and fail fast, which helps us uncover key lessons for future (and current) Fabl users.

In the video, I mention one of our articles that is worth reading.

I’m sharing our #fail so that you don’t make the same mistakes that many new Fabl users do.

My advice? Make sure you are resetting expectations on how you will go-to-market with Fabl stories. They don’t require a ton of process and they are meant to turn around quickly. This will help you stay on brand and continuously create immersive experiences for your audience that will convey your message, suck them in, and keep them engaged.

Now that we’ve finally got it ‘right’, I have so many tips and advice for new Fabl users. Feel free to reach out.

Until next time!

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Brandi Starr

Brandi Starr is a true Modern Marketing Maven. She believes marketing magic happens at the intersection of strategy, creativity, and technology. Brandi's 15 year career has spanned a variety of industries and marketing disciplines. Brandi is an Eloqua power user turned consultant with almost 10 years of experience maximizing the power of Eloqua. Her expertise include demand generation and nurture strategy, business process transformation, controlling email frequency, custom security and she is the SME for the Higher Education vertical.

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