Recorded Webinar: Take your Eloqua Insight Reporting to the Next Level!

December 14, 2018 Andrew Kolbuc

Whether you’re new to creating custom reports in Oracle Eloqua’s Insight reporting tool, or a seasoned vet, picking up new Insight skills can mean the difference between another basic report and providing analysis that really packs a punch.

Sign up for this live webinar presented by Andrew Kolbuc from Tegrita Consulting Group to gain some intermediate level tips and tricks for creating custom reports in Oracle Eloqua Insight.

The following areas of Insight will be explored in this webinar:

  • Dynamic dates - learn how they can be applied to any report using simple SQL statements 
  • Calculated measures - turbo charge your reports by performing calculations directly within Insight 
  • Pivot tables - learn how to transpose your data table and stack columns 
  • Grouping and using the selection steps - interested in reporting results for combined campaigns or emails? Or only reporting on a sub-set of the report data? This topic will cover these options 
  • Agents - set it and forget it! Schedule agents to deliver reports automatically on an ongoing basis 
  • Dashboards - all related reports visible in one location

About the Author

Andrew Kolbuc

Andrew is a Solutions Consultant, Project Manager and Subject Matter Expert in Reporting at Tegrita Consulting Group. With a background in Computer Engineering and Management, he can understand the technical side of Marketing Automation projects, while focusing on the bigger picture to determine effective solutions to complex challenges. Andrew has been involved in multiple Markie Award-winning client projects and is aware of what is needed to create outstanding Marketing Automation experiences.

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