Email Excellence: How Tegrita's Approach Transformed a Health Services Provider

A Strategic Transformation

The complex landscape of email marketing poses unique challenges, especially within the health services industry. This case study explores the transformative partnership between Tegrita and a leading client that needed to optimize its inefficient email operations. Beginning with ambitious goals, the collaboration unfolded to reveal how strategic planning, continuous refinement, and a commitment to innovation exceeded expectations, resulting in increased efficiency, controlled spending, and revenue growth.

Client Summary

Industry: Healthcare Services

Location: United States

Company size: 500+ employees

Tech Stack

  • Marketing Automation: Oracle Eloqua
  • Sales Process Management: HubSpot
  • Email Design: Figma
  • Aggregate Response Data: Google Analytics
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Proprietary System

Challenges Addressed

  • Limited In-house Resources
  • No Technical Expertise
  • Inefficient Workflows
  • Inadequate Ability to Scale
  • Pressure for Accuracy



  • Increased efficiency
  • Scalable processes
  • Higher Return on Investment

Challenges Addressed

In November 2017, the client turned to Tegrita to enhance their existing email marketing processes, which were structured around Oracle Eloqua. However, as the partnership began, a series of underlying issues emerged, transforming the simple support engagement into a complex mission.

  1. Limited In-house Resources:  The client's limited team was struggling to keep up with the communications required for their rapid expansion plans. With just one director and one email resource, they were stretched thin, resulting in  a growing gap between demands and capabilities
  2. No Technical Expertise: The lack of the client’s in-house technical resources meant that data didn't flow correctly between systems, necessitating manual data extraction. They were barely scratching the surface of Oracle Eloqua, a highly robust marketing automation platform. This lack of expertise impeded efficiency and prevented them from accessing more advanced tools and features. 
  3. Inefficient Workflows:  Marketing requests varied significantly; lacking a defined workflow or consistent details. Although they had Oracle Eloqua at their fingertips, but the lack of standardized approaches led them to resort to manual operations. Turnaround times were extended, key steps were missed, and if someone was out of the office, the process came to a halt
  4. Inadequate Ability to Scale: Business was growing, but staff numbers remained stagnant. Scaling efforts to match the increasing workload became a critical yet challenging objective, and the client found themselves trapped in an ongoing cycle of playing catch-up.
  5. Pressure for Accuracy: Ensuring precise communication with both corporate clients and individual customers was imperative. Various locations had distinct service offerings, and an incorrect message could lead to all kinds of headaches, from mere  confusion to the cancellation of memberships.

These issues weren't isolated; they were interlinked challenges that collectively posed a significant hurdle in achieving the client's marketing goals . The client's communication strategy was in a tangle, and they needed guidance to get back on track.

Solutions: A Chronological Journey

Repairing the Foundation (November 2017)

When Tegrita came on board, the immediate task was to "stop the bleeding." The client initially thought they had a working integration, but it wasn't delivering the expected results.  Collaboratively, we engaged with the client to repair the integration, ensuring smooth data flow. Additionally, our team managed the system administration of Oracle Eloqua, aligning their operations with best practices and consistency.

Supplementing the Internal Team (2018)

As the relationship evolved, Tegrita began supplementing the client's internal team, by managing communication requests. We operated in a traditional outsourced capacity, balancing their leading role with our supportive expertise.

Critical Shift: Introducing Email Flight Management (June 2019)

The relationship reached a crucial turning point in June 2019 when, frustrated with the email specialist's performance, the Director requested us to handle ALL of the email execution. Over the course of 18 months, we embarked on an iterative process of optimization, commencing with standardizing the intake process and devising a tracker for the client to monitor the status of each request. This initiative became a cornerstone of our collaborative approach, designed to closely align with the client's team operations. In addition, we introduced a joint QA process to minimize errors in communications, a crucial factor in enhancing efficiency and upholding quality control.

Transitioning to Full Management (November 2019 - December 2021)

Following the Director's resignation, the CMO expanded the contract with Tegrita, opting not to hire in-house staff for campaign execution or a MarTech administrator. We accelerated the refinement of the process to establish a robust, scalable workflow. This included the addition of Flight Checks—a 15-minute sync with the client and Tegrita resources to validate complex campaign workflows, target audience, and email personalization—successfully eliminating errors in sends. The refined execute-assess-optimize approach boosted efficiency, reducing the average billable hours per request from 4.3 to 3.3 hours.

Scalable Infrastructure + a Strong Partnership

Tegrita established a scalable email marketing infrastructure to support the client’s rapid growth, adapting to the expanding needs of the company. We consistently integrated cutting-edge marketing strategies and tools seamlessly, ensuring the program could handle growing volumes without compromising performance.

The transformation of the client-Tegrita relationship, evolving from confusion to cohesion, highlights the power of structured process and effective communication. By dedicating ourselves to enhancing workflow and aligning strategies, Tegrita overcame the initial challenges, creating a productive, error-free, and harmonious working environment. Our CRO, Rolly Keenan, reflects, “Without addressing these challenges, it would negatively impact net new revenue as well as retention."

Outcome: Efficiency and Growth Through Partnership

This study illuminates the powerful effect of Tegrita's email marketing strategies on the client's growth and success within the health services industry. Employing a holistic approach that seamlessly integrated personalized messaging and data-driven optimization, Tegrita achieved significant enhancements in engagement, customer satisfaction, and revenue generation. The meticulous crafting of a well-defined workflow and open communication channels allowed for proactive issue resolution.

Strategic Optimization

An impressive 23% reduction in effort to launch per email request demonstrates Tegrita's triumph in operational streamlining. By defining, refining, and optimizing each step, we not only heightened efficiency but also enabled the client to focus on more strategic endeavors. The impact of this efficiency extends beyond timesaving; it serves as a symbol of operational excellence, paving the way for future success.

Financial Growth

The financial success is highlighted by the correlation between the client's spending on Tegrita services and their remarkable revenue growth. From 2019 to 2020, the client's spending on Tegrita increased by 17%, coinciding with an impressive 37% growth in revenue. In the following year, an 11% rise in spending was met by an astounding 68% surge in revenue. These figures reflect Tegrita's ability to significantly maximize available resources, embodying the exponential advancements achieved in recent years, and demonstrating a robust return on investment.

Sustained Collaboration

The collaboration between Tegrita and the client illustrates how a shared vision and concerted effort can overcome email marketing challenges. The exponential increase in efficiency and subsequent boost in revenue growth enabled our client to set newly ambitious goals.

Future Commitment

As the marketing landscape continues to shift, Tegrita remains committed to leading in innovation and aiding businesses in the health services sector to thrive in their marketing endeavors. This case exemplifies the enduring impact of strategic collaboration and Tegrita's vital role in fostering the client's ongoing success and industry leadership.

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