INFOGRAPHIC: Segmentation and Targeting: Make a Match with Motiva

August 24, 2021 Jessica Jones

Make a Match with Motiva. Motiva is a plug-in for Oracle Eloqua that uses machine learning and AI to optimize campaigns and improve targeting, conversions, and engagement. Motiva adapts your email marketing strategy to customers automatically and delivers better engagement, at any scale.


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Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones is a creative marketer with over 18 years of professional experience. She graduated from UCF with a BA in Digital Media. She is business-minded with a dynamic background in graphic design, marketing strategy, campaign management, vendor management, brand and project management. Her experience includes design and creative direction for small and large businesses, B2B and B2C marketing, and campaign execution/management with Eloqua. Jessica is passionate about all things marketing, and is eager to share her knowledge and love of marketing automation to help customers succeed and grow.

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