Revenue Rehab EP 44 [In-House vs Outsourced:The Debate]

February 8, 2023

This week our host Brandi Starr is joined by B2B marketing leader, Adi B. Reske.

Adi has many years of experience as a B2B marketing leader, she is an entrepreneur with a love of coffee and traveling and is an aspiring birthday cake baker living in Boston, MA.

In this week’s episode of Revenue Rehab, join Brandi and Adi on the couch as they discuss a hot topic in marketing; In-House vs Outsourced: The Debate.

Bullet Points of Key Topics + Chapter Markers:

  • Topic #1 In-House vs. Outsourced [05:47] You really need to evaluate your core expertise, Adi advises. Consider your inhouse knowledge and available talent and resources.  Can outsourcing facilitate freeing up time to focus on campaigns or tasks that require intimate domain knowledge?  Or is that domain knowledge critical to the success of your email marketing, for example.
  • Topic #2 Capacity and Cost [14:28] How big is your team? How will this affect your budget? These factors are critical to evaluating capacity vs cost. For example, quality outsourced talent usually can hit the ground running, says Adi. This means a faster ramp up to start executing which should be considered with regards to cost and resources when evaluating in-house vs outsourcing.
  • Topic #3 Evaluating the ‘ROI’ of In-House vs. Outsourcing [24:36] Adi emphasizes that this particularly is where the decisioning tree she mentioned comes into play. Since marketing is one of the most diverse spaces in business, she says, knowing your team and their talents and expertise, will help you determine where you have a gap and if that gap could be better served by outsourcing.

So, What's the One Thing You Can Do Today?

“Make a list of your core expertise”, says Adi. “What are the core skills that you have right now, top three, four, five in your team? And then what are the gaps that you have in order to hit your goals this year and next year?” This is the ideal starting point to evaluating whether in-house or outsourcing can best help you accomplish those goals.

Buzzword Banishment:

Adi’s Buzzword to Banish are the acronyms MQL, SQL, PQL. “I just want to propose to go back to basics” says Adi. “How about just leads, opportunities, closed one or closed last? I think that we don't need more abbreviations”.


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