Advanced Compare Date Cloud App

May 10, 2023 Andy Shaw

In this video, Andy Shaw, Head of Product Management at Tegrita, introduces a new Oracle Eloqua cloud app 'Advanced Compare Date App' to help users easily schedule campaigns for specific days of the month. The app allows for more straightforward setup and customization, including choosing any day of the month ie. the first, second, third, fourth, or last day of the month, specifying weekdays, or selecting specific dates. This eliminates the need for complex loops and reduces the risk of mistakes in scheduling. If you have any questions about this app or require assistance, feel free to reach out to the Tegrita team!

About the Author

Andy Shaw

Andy is a Lead Technology Consultant at Tegrita with over twenty years of experience in marketing automation and software product management. He is an Eloqua Implementation Specialist, and focuses on using technology to find practical solutions to customer needs. Andy has a bachelor's degree from Princeton University and an MBA from UCLA's Anderson School.

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