Revenue Rehab EP 23 [Un-Siloed: Leading a Single Revenue Team]

August 31, 2022 Brandi Starr

This week our host Brandi Starr is joined Helen Baptist, a COO and member of the executive team at PathFactory.  Responsible for all revenue and customer satisfaction, Helen also leads sales, marketing, partnerships, and customer experience and is the executive sponsor of the DE&I committee.

Helen started her career as a secretary and has held numerous GTM team positions, including marketing, customer success, and business development, allowing her to bring an end-to-end view of the customer journey to playbooks she has developed and deployed.

In this week's episode, Un-Siloed - Leading a Single Revenue Team, Helen and Brandi deconstruct the silo through the lens of Helen’s unique role as a COO who owns all of revenue.  This 35-minute guided tour to creating a successful post-sale experience in the customer journey is one you won’t want to miss!

Bullet points of key topics + chapter markers:

  • Topic #1 Balanced Experience of All Departments Under One [10:16] Brandi asks Helen to share some of the successes of her unique role as a COO who owns all of revenue in her un-siloed role.
  • Topic #2 The Customer Journey Post Signature [16:22] You’re building a relationship, Helen stresses, and it’s critical that the touchpoints along the journey are documented. Something as simple as a note from the CEO thanking the new client for their business can be a minor play with big rewards.  If you haven’t done it recently, now is the time to re-examine your customer journey for maximizing revenue.
  • Topic #3 Is an Un-Siloed Something that can be Replicated or is it a Rarity? [22:58] Being a specialist makes sense in large organizations, she shares, but in smaller companies, there are massive opportunities if you’re passionate and curious. Helen credits being passionate about customers, along with being curious to her success.  Combine those things and being ‘un-siloed’ is feasible.

So, What's the One Thing You Can Do Today?

First, Helen shares, focus on the customer; become customer centric.  “The customer, customer, customer”, she says “I can't say it enough. Customers beget more customers”. So, your action item is to seek out a special project which will expand your understanding of people's roles and responsibilities because this will help you understand the customer outside of your own silo.

Buzzword Banishment:

Buzzword to Banish is snackable.  Despite the fact that PathFactory is a content experience and intelligence platform where they talk a lot about long form content and how to break that up into bite sized pieces, she cringes at the use of the overuse of this buzzword.


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Brandi Starr is a marketing powerhouse with over 20 years of experience shaking up B2B and B2B2C companies. As COO at Tegrita, a consultancy that unlocks the power of email, she's all about transforming processes, enhancing go-to-market strategies, and ensuring smooth customer experiences. Named one of the Top 50 Women in MarTech, Brandi blends strategic vision with operational savvy. She's also the co-author of "CMO to CRO" and the host of the Revenue Rehab podcast, known for turning ideas into action and inspiring others in the marketing world.

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