Revenue Rehab EP 95 [Email ROI Unlocked: Unraveling Insights from Litmus's Report with Jaina Mistry]

This week our host Brandi Starr is joined by Jaina Mistry, Director, Brand and Content Marketing at Litmus.

As the Director of Brand and Content Marketing at Litmus, Jaina leads a team that strives to create captivating and educational content for email marketers of all stripes. An #emailgeek to her core, Jaina’s worked in and around email for over 15 years and is now taking her email expertise into the world of brand and content marketing.

On the couch in this week’s episode of Revenue Rehab, Jaina will tackle Email ROI Unlocked: Unraveling Insights from Litmus's Report.

Bullet Points of Key Topics + Chapter Markers:

  • Topic #1 Email Marketing: Dead or Dead On? [06:05] “I think [email] is easy to ignore,” Jaina says, “because I feel like email marketing is less sexy of the marketing channels out there, it's perhaps a little bit old in the tooth. I mean, people have been doing email marketing for decades.”  She notes “it's kind of like, ‘oh, we just kind of send an email out to the ether. But we could be doing something really flashy with paid media, or we could be doing some really cool videos'…And those are the things that often capture the attention. Because they're so flashy. And because they're so cool and new and innovative. But that doesn't necessarily mean they are connecting with your subscribers, your customers.”
  • Topic #2 ROI and Tracking Email Marketing Effectiveness [13:30] Email marketing, Jaina explains, is “a part of a journey of multiple touchpoints…it's often seen as kind of you, you send an email, you get instant ROI off of it. That's not how it works. And that's not how the customer journey works.”  She continues, “there are so many different touch points along the way, that the value of email, the ROI of email is kind of inserting it into the right and making sure that the brand is present via email at the right points and in the in the customer's journey or in the subscribers journey.”
  • Topic #3 What does Email Marketing Success Look Like? [23:56] “I think people who are doing email marketing well right now are the ones who are really leveraging newsletters.”  Especially, Jaina says, when you consider those who opted in by downloading a report ; “when they downloaded that report, they never really raised their hand to receive emails from them, they raise their hand to receive a report, the minute they start getting nurtured with all these kind of emails that they didn't really expect…’Oh, this is interesting content, this is going to help me in my day to day life, this is going to help me in my job, this is going to be really interesting.’”

So, What's the One Thing You Can Do Today?

Jaina’s ‘One Thing’ is to gather data.  She recommends that listeners “ask their teams, how they think they should be doing email, because I think one of my favorite things to do with my own team, is for me not to necessarily come up with the solutions to the problem, but for my team to rally around the problem. And for them to come up with the solutions and for them to kind of investigate where the power of email could potentially live.”

Buzzword Banishment:

Jaina’s Buzzword to Banish is ‘hack’.  “Everywhere I'm reading something is a ‘growth hack’,” Jaina says, “something is an ‘email marketing hack’. Something is like a ‘hack to improve performance or engagement’. It's not a ‘hack’. It's either a true tactic that will help you improve engagement to help you get that ROI. Or it's something that you want to call a hack because you're actually really tricking someone to take action.”


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