Grow A Small Business Podcast by Troy Trewin with Mike Geller (Episode 122)

September 7, 2021 Mike Geller

In this episode, I interview Mike Geller, the co-founder and President of Tegrita, a marketing technology consulting firm based in Canada that enables clients’ marketing strategies through marketing automation and technology. The company has helped clients who begin with small projects and become long-term and dedicated.

Tegrita started in 2008 when Mike left his job as an implementation consultant for six months. He started a small business to build a career in marketing technology consultancy. He never wasted a time, he has expanded the business, grown the annual growth by 30-40%, and now has 25 FTE working in his company for several years.

Mike says that what he loves the most in growing a small business is allowing himself to make more happy clients. He made sure to achieve the defined success and objectives his clients have given them.

This Cast Covers:

  • A remote team of experienced and innovative consultants specializing in marketing automation to support growth-minded organizations.
  • A marketing technology consulting firm that enables digital marketing strategy with technology.
  • Brings clients’ marketing strategies to life through marketing automation and the technologies that surround it.
  • Expert in optimizing marketing strategy and making marketing technology perform at its peak.
  • Obtained dedicated clients after experiencing their way of development and optimization.
  • How marketing automation platforms increase conversion as well as revenue.
  • How the marketing automation platform saves clients’ time through scheduled automatic emails from the system and makes it easier for them to connect to other people exploring their websites.
  • Works with clients with defined success and objectives then, use technology to achieve those objectives.

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“You set up a workflow and you set up a process to achieve a particular business goal.” – Mike Geller
“We can't measure success if success isn't defined ahead of time yet.” – Mike Geller
“You need to have unanimous consent on all decisions.” – Mike Geller
“Growing a small business allows me to make more clients happy.” – Mike Geller
“If you hire smart, capable people, then you have to give them the space to be smart, capable people.” – Mike Geller


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About the Author

Mike Geller

Mike Geller is the cofounder of Tegrita and is the firm’s principal technologist. Mike graduated from the famed Toronto Metropolitan University and wasted no time in building a 20-year career covering all angles of marketing technology consultancy. Mike’s a self-proclaimed coffee snob, an author, a Trekkie, a husband, and a proud dad to two children.

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