Thinking of Marketing Automation? Here are 15 Important Facts Everyone Should Know!

July 8, 2020 Chloe Kelsch

Many organizations find themselves at risk of falling behind the curve if they can’t keep up with the increasing demands of their customer. So, what’s the answer?

#Marketing Automation.

If you’re not already harnessing the power of marketing automation, there’s no time like the present. The true power of marketing automation is that it gives us something we can never get back – Time. Automation reduces redundancy allowing us to focus on revenue generating activities. This increases productivity and creates scalability.

Want to know more? We’ve compiled a short list of some juicy facts about Marketing Automation that will speak for themselves and help you make informed decisions during your next budgeting season.

Let’s dive right in:

  • The $6.1B marketing automation market is set to double by 2024, growing at a 20%+ annual rate. — SharpSpring “Investor Presentation Jan 2019” (2019)
  • Outside of the right content, to the right person, at the right time, in the right way, the number one thing that Marketing Automation excels at is lead generation. Organizations that use Marketing Automation in their generation phase experienced a 451% increase in qualified leads
  • According to Jordie van Rijn at emailMonday, here are some critical facts that identify the value of marketing automation:
    • 3 out of 4 Businesses believe Marketing Automation is worth the money as it delivers increased personalization, scalability, customer engagement on a 24x7x365 basis with a much lower overhead than previously managed with human capital.
    • 51% of all companies are using Marketing Automation already and another 44% are planning to integrate Marketing Automation into their organizations in the next 12 months.
    • Email & CRM (customer relationship management) are the most popular and most efficient types of marketing automation – storing contact information, preferences, and other data points in order to engage in a more personalized and timely way, delivering unique and differentiated experiences.
    • 75% of Email revenue is generated by personalized campaigns that Marketing Automation systems offer.

      Infographic from Annuitas Group
    • 70% of marketers see improved engagement and targeting with marketing automation.
    • B2B marketers see improved User Experience, relevance of communications, higher conversion rates and better + more qualified leads with marketing automation systems, using data-driven communications.
    • Automated emails have a 152% higher CTR (click-through-rate) and a 77% higher conversion rate, over their “business as usual” counterpart emails. – Epsilon 2019
    • 63% of organizations using Marketing Automation are increasing their budgets in 2020 to include more automation.
    • 75% of all organizations using Marketing Automation, outsource their automation strategy, planning and implementation to Marketing Automation Specialists. Most companies have found that there is a need for both and internal and external resource mix to fulfill all of their sales and marketing automation needs, while others choose to outsource 100% of their marketing automation protocol.
    • 76% of marketers see positive ROI within the first years of using a marketing automation system, and 44% of those see their ROI within the first 6 months!

While the various industry benchmarks and reports show the incredible value of marketing automation, leveraging automation is not without its challenges.

  • The perks of automation are focused on time savings, personalization, and engagement, but those same benefits are also what can make optimization of your automation difficult. The most challenging barriers to Marketing Automation success are:
    • Delivering personalized content (44%)
    • Integrating all marketing systems (43%)
    • Creating a successful strategy (38%)
    • Improving the user experience (37%)
    • Streamlining marketing processes (30%)
    • Enhancing measurement and reporting (30%)

    Ascend2 “Optimizing Marketing Automation survey” (June 2018)

  • Adoption of new technology can often be a roadblock. Let’s face it, sometimes it’s hard to implement change. Watch for these common adoption barriers:
    • Integrating data from sources and systems (56%)
    • Lack of resources to set-up and manage marketing automation (54%)
    • Lack of staff or skills for setting up rules, lead scoring and sequences (49%)
    • Creating a Marketing Automation strategy (37%)
    • Making the business case for investment / buy-in (27%)
    • Marketing Automation platforms doesn’t have the right capabilities (20%)
  • Although there is an abundance of marketing automation platform options, there are five dominant players in the industry. The Marketing Automation List of Big Hitters:
    • HubSpot
    • Oracle Eloqua
    • Adobe Marketo
    • Active Campaign
    • Keap – Formerly InfusionSoft

Marketing automation is the foundation of the modern marketing tech stack. While there can be a learning curve or barriers to adoption, the pros of adding automation to your mix (or upgrading), far outweigh the cons.

If you are evaluating marketing automation and want to determine which of the many platforms is right for you, visit our learning hub where we have additional resources to support the decision process.



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