Tegrita Takes Email Marketing to New Heights with Email Flight Management (EFM)

October 25, 2023 Tegrita

TORONTO, ONTARIO, October 25, 2023 —Tegrita is proud to unveil its latest service, Email Flight Management (EFM). This proprietary framework is set to optimize email marketing results, propelling businesses to new heights of success.

Our mission is to help high-stakes marketing leaders redefine their standard of email excellence, with EFM at its core. EFM is a holistic service that streamlines the complexity of email marketing into a seamless journey, much like a well-charted course for a pilot navigating the skies.

“Email Flight Management has the power to turbocharge your demand generation efforts and enhance every facet of your marketing strategy. Once you've acquired valuable prospects and high-quality leads, the key to success lies in robust and effective communication through a strategic email approach," says Rolly Keenan, Chief Revenue Officer of Tegrita. "EFM ensures a rapid turnaround and streamlines processes, guaranteeing that your marketing campaigns swiftly and efficiently reach their intended destination.” Rolly adds. “Relying solely on ad hoc marketing and demand generation campaigns without a centralized communication hub, such as email, results in a significant waste of investments and dilutes the effectiveness of marketing efforts.”

EFM offers multiple features that enable marketers to achieve unprecedented results:

  • Strategic Alignment: EFM helps create tailored email marketing strategies that resonate with your brand and goals.
  • Smart Segmentation: The service provides a deep dive with hyper-targeted audience segmentation; amplifying engagement and conversion.
  • Tech Harmony: EFM integrates marketing technologies smoothly, optimizing efficiency and outcomes.
  • Quality & Precision: EFM provides rigorous QA and testing procedures to ensure email accuracy.
  • Spot-On Deployment: Keep everything on track with meticulous email campaigns paired with continuous monitoring.
  • Insights & Improvement: EFM harnesses data to consistently refine and elevate your performance.
  • Cost-Efficiency: EFM ensures superior email marketing results without the added burdens of hiring, training, or tech expenses.

Tegrita's Email Flight Management is designed to deliver clearer skies and first-class results for your business. When you entrust Tegrita with your business’s email marketing efforts, rest assured that they are in the hands of experts. To learn more about Email Flight Management and how Tegrita can help transform your email marketing strategy, visit our EFM page. Explore the success story of our existing EFM client in the Email Excellence Case Study.

About Tegrita

Tegrita is an email marketing consultancy helping high-stakes marketing leaders redefine what email excellence looks like. We partner with you to understand what email’s role should be in your communication strategy, hyper-segment your contacts, and make it easy for you to execute by building precision-driven processes. We empower you to unlock the full potential of email and accelerate your pipeline at scale. For more information, visit tegrita.com or follow us on LinkedIn @tegrita


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