Ten Years of Tegrita: A Story of Growth, Innovation, and Resilience

January 4, 2024 Tegrita

This year marks a milestone that has us at Tegrita buzzing with excitement—our tenth anniversary! A decade of navigating the intricate landscape where technology and email marketing intersect. As we approach this celebration, it's the perfect moment to reflect on our journey to date.

While our eyes are firmly set on the future, let's take a stroll down memory lane to explore the defining moments, challenges, and victories that have shaped Tegrita into the trusted partner it is today.

Join us as we unfold the pages of Tegrita's history, celebrating ten years of expertise, compassion, and a relentless pursuit of making email marketing not just a strategy, but an art.

Tegrita’s Story: The Timeline

The Beginning and Early Strides

In December 2013, the inception of Tegrita was born with a simple yet powerful idea. Mike Geller and Karim Jina, each leading their own consulting firms, decided to combine forces. They saw strength in unity and formed Tegrita, a move that brought together their expertise in Oracle Eloqua technical consulting. In these initial stages, Mike and Karim, along with a compact team, were deeply involved in every project, with a specialized focus on SmartStart implementations and partnering with MarketOne.

2014 brought with it a fresh perspective in the form of Brandi Starr, who joined as a Marketing Technology Consultant. Brandi didn't just join the team; she reshaped it. Her quick transition to leading SmartStart implementations marked a significant step for Tegrita, as it was the first time someone outside the founding duo took on such a pivotal role. This year also saw Tegrita make a strategic decision to move away from its partnership with MarketOne, a step that underscored our commitment to carving out an independent path in the industry.

Change continued in 2016 when Karim stepped back, and Tegrita welcomed its first official leadership team. This change elevated Brandi to the role of COO, marking a new chapter in our story. This period was not just about leadership changes; it also strengthened our foundation and reinforced our commitment to innovation and excellence in the marketing technology world.

Operationalizing for Growth: Tegrita's Strategic Shift

From 2017 to 2019, Tegrita underwent a pivotal transformation, one that would redefine our approach to business and client engagement. This period wasn't just about growth; it was about laying a solid foundation for sustainable expansion.

The journey began with a vital addition to our leadership team – Rolly Keenan, our Chief Revenue Officer. His arrival heralded a new era of strategic thinking and fresh perspectives. During this time, Tegrita made critical changes to our internal systems, notably adopting SugarCRM. This switch was more than a software update; it was a strategic maneuver to streamline operations and enhance our efficiency.

We made a significant stride in the development of our Client Development Framework (CDF). This standardized approach to account management became a cornerstone of our client relationship strategy, ensuring consistency and excellence in our service delivery.

In this period, our rebranding was a strategic and necessary evolution. Tegrita expanded beyond marketing automation, embracing a broader spectrum of Marketing Technology & Strategy Consulting. This expansion included supporting comprehensive platforms such as Oracle Responsys and HubSpot, reflecting our commitment to catering to our clients' full technology stack needs.

The refinement of our hiring process was also integral to our growth. We introduced scenario exercises and third-party interviews which: (1) served as an enhanced recruitment strategy and (2) built and retained a team capable of driving Tegrita's vision forward.

Max Stoddard's entry into Tegrita as Director of Client Services, and her quick rise to Chief of Staff, marked another milestone in our evolving leadership landscape. Her ascent was part of our continual effort to enhance our organizational structure and operational prowess.

In March 2019, we further streamlined our technology stack, consolidating various systems into Accelo. This transition was a strategic choice, aiming not just for operational efficiency but for a holistic enhancement of our business processes.

As we navigated these changes, Tegrita also embraced Agile Marketing and Customer Success methodologies, earning certifications that underscored our dedication to operational excellence and client satisfaction. The formation of a dedicated marketing team was a testament to our commitment to not just survive but thrive, even as the world grappled with the challenges of a global pandemic.

Navigating Challenges with Resilience and Forward-Thinking

The 2019-2022 period was a testament to Tegrita's resilience and capacity for innovation, a time characterized by significant milestones that shaped our path.

When the COVID-19 pandemic emerged in early 2020, it brought unprecedented challenges worldwide. Yet, Tegrita's well-established remote work model positioned us to effectively support our clients during these turbulent times. Our commitment extended beyond our client services; it was a period marked by our internal solidarity. We initiated "TegHELPS," a financial aid fund which successfully raised US$25,000 over a year to assist team members facing personal hardships.

A landmark moment for Tegrita occurred in March 2021 with the publication of "CMO to CRO: The Revenue Takeover by the Next Generation Executive," co-authored by Brandi, Mike and Rolly. The book's success, including making Amazon's Best Seller list in the U.S. and Canada and selling over 2,000 copies in its first year, was a testament to our deep industry knowledge and thought leadership.

2021 also saw the widespread phenomenon known as The Great Resignation. Tegrita navigated these waters by prioritizing our team's well-being. We made strategic decisions to manage budget constraints and project pauses, avoiding layoffs. As the market began to recover, our focus shifted to team retention, restructuring, and aligning compensation with market standards to strengthen our internal community.

2022 marked a significant phase in our evolution. Achieving SOC2 certification underscored our commitment to data security and trust. Moreover, our dedication to ethical practices was further solidified with the formation of an Anti-bias Committee, ensuring our marketing efforts were both inclusive and unbiased.

On the business front, 2022 was a year of strategic repositioning, particularly emphasizing the role of "Email." The launch of our Email Flight Management service highlighted our innovative approach and expertise in this domain. Throughout these years, Tegrita not only adapted to the changing landscape but also pioneered new paths, showcasing our resilience and unwavering dedication to excellence in the face of challenges.

10 Years in Numbers

As we reflect on 10 amazing years, let's delve into key numerical milestones that highlight our journey thus far:

Looking Ahead

Celebrating Tegrita’s remarkable 10-year journey is more than a retrospective activity; it's a testament to our resilience, innovation, and unwavering dedication. The chapters written so far echo our commitment to our clients and teams alike, navigating challenges with a spirit that goes beyond business. Looking ahead, our gaze is fixed on the horizon of possibilities. The next decade holds promise, and as we stand on the foundation of a decade's worth of experience, we're poised to embrace emerging trends, technologies, and challenges. The future is bright with opportunities to redefine what's possible in email marketing, and we eagerly anticipate continuing this journey of excellence, collaboration, and growth. Here's to a decade of achievement and to the limitless potential that lies ahead!


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