Tegrita Marketing Launches Internal Anti-Bias Committee

July 15, 2022 Brandi Starr

In Revenue Rehab's first episode, "The Anti-Bias CMO," I talked with MK Getler about how biases exist in everyday life and marketing. MK and I discussed how humans have a tendency to categorize gender, nationality, and ethnicity - and tips to prevent it, especially within a marketing context.

In every episode, I ask guests for one thing we can do to start solving the discussed challenges. MK recommended a remedy to bias in the workplace: an anti-bias committee, consisting of people with varying backgrounds and life experiences. This committee can help reduce bias in marketing collateral, as well as employment branding, such as job posts.

Our executive leadership team (ELT) is consistently working to ensure that Tegrita is not just an inclusive organization but also actively anti-racist. Diversity is the key to mitigating unconscious biases or "blind spots" in our marketing messages that can ostracize customers and harm our brand. Therefore, taking MK's advice was a no-brainer.

Last month, we launched the Tegrita Anti-Bias Committee. It is comprised of 5 Tegritans representing a diverse intersection of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, class, race, and national identities. The committee's job is to give feedback on images and written content. This helps us avoid anything harmful or exclusive, and makes sure our content reflects who we are at Tegrita.

Each committee member will serve for 6-months, allowing others to support the initiative over time. The Tegrita marketing team will submit content for review after the first round of revisions is complete. This approach ensures enough time for the committee to provide feedback and implement changes without impacting target launch dates.

To help educate the committee, we've provided them with resources on unconscious bias, inclusive language, and a comprehensive DEI-style guide. If you are looking for inspiration to start your committee, here are a few resources to get you up to speed:

Does your organization have an anti-bias committee? Connect with us on social and share your organization's approach to eliminating bias from your marketing. If you haven't listened to the The Anti-Bias CMO episode on Revenue Rehab, now is your chance!


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